Ph.D. - Ohio State University, 1988
M.S. - Virginia Tech, 1983
Instructor - Peace Corps Volunteer, Malaysia, 1978-1980
B.S. - University of Wisconsin, River Falls, 1977


50 percent research, 25 percent teaching, 25 percent Extension

Research Interest

My research is in the interface between natural resources and local economic conditions. The latest studies investigated how coastal hazards such as erosion, storms and flooding impact tourism and property prices. To make a long story very short, we found that flooding and erosion hazards, and the actions taken against them, were major determinants of tourism and property prices in coastal areas. Also, the demand for flood insurance was found to be unresponsive to changes in insurance prices. The research reports are available at the Heinz Center website.

Extension / Outreach Activities

Dr. Kriesel's extension work includes developing and maintaining the Georgia Statistics System.  This web site uses SAS/Internet to generate statistical reports that clients request.  In past years it has generated 60,000+ reports.

Courses Taught

AAEC 4040: Business Statistics
AAEC 4510: Land Economics and Farm Appraisal
AAEC 4710/6710: Rural/Regional Economic Development