Aditi Kadam


Areas of interest:  International Development, Intra-household bargaining, Applied Microeconomics and Econometrics

I am a PhD candidate at the Agricultural & Applied Economics department at the University of Georgia. My research focuses on solving social issues using an evidence-based quantitative approach in developing countries. Specifically, I am interested in women's experiences with gender-based norms and intimate partner violence. With my research, I focus on two main problems revolving around studying gender-based violence, measurements, and determinants.

In my job market paper, I causally estimate the effects of female employment on women’s experiences with violence. Using administrative data from 377 municipalities in Colombia, my results indicate that a one percent increase in female employment in the manufacturing sector is associated with a 1.7 percent decline in women's experiences of domestic violence. In a second paper, my co-authors and I develop an experiment in rural northern Ethiopia for estimating the causal effects of an innovative mobile phone approach for measuring social norms and attitudes towards violence. With my research agenda, I propose to push forward techniques to collect better data on women's life experiences and develop methodologies to analyze this data in a useful manner.

I will be available for interviews at the 2021-2022 virtual job market.