Raghav Goyal


Raghav Goyal is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at The University of Georgia. His research examines issues in agricultural policies and forecasts with a focus on ag commodity markets. His recent paper, “The 2019 government shutdown increased uncertainty in major agricultural commodity markets,” was published in the Food Policy. This study shows how missing public information may increase market uncertainty and cause millions in damages for producers. For this work, Raghav received the 2021 Rod Ziemer Outstanding Ph.D. Paper Award. Another paper, currently an R&R, uses new-age machine learning tools to decompose the source of errors in commodity demand & supply forecasts. His job market paper argues that commodity forecasts do not utilize complete information but maintain the notion of rationality, a startling finding. This paper has received an R&R from AJAE.

Besides research, Raghav has also pursued multiple teaching assignments. For example, he recently served as a solo instructor for Analytical and Computational Tools for Applied Economics, providing instruction to over 50 undergraduates.


Price, Demand, and Supply Analysis

Applied Microeconomics and Econometrics

Commodity Derivatives

Agricultural Policy

Forecasting and International Trade

Machine Learning and Statistics


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