Agricultural & Environmental Economics Club

Connect with peers and mentors in CAES: learn where Ag or Environmental Econ can take you through our seminar series of professional development and educational workshops. Network with students and professors to find your place in CAES!

How To Join

To join the Agricultural and Environmental Economics Club, send an email message to Ben Campbell (, a professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.  In the subject line, write: “Joining the Ag & Env Econ Club” and in the message provide your name, preferred name, major, and year (e.g., first, second, third, or fourth year).  Also indicate any topics you are especially interested in learning more about.

Connect With Us!

Check back on this webpage for listings of upcoming events including Club meetings.  Also, look for flyers posted in Conner Hall announcing upcoming meetings and events.  You should also follow the UGA Ag & Applied Econ Facebook page for announcements.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for more events!

Current Officers

President, Angela Tsao