Seminar Series

Seminar Schedule: Spring 2024

UGA Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics - AAEC 8010


Unless otherwise stated, all seminars will take place from 4:00pm - 5:00pm., 104 Conner Hall (with remote connections to Tifton, SWD, and Griffin, 210 Stuckey).


If you would like to receive updates about this seminar series, please contact Lynn.McDermott.

Wednesday, January 24th

Maoyong Zheng – University of Georgia

“Recalibrating the Pace of Growth under Changing Macroeconomic Conditions: A Comparative Period Analysis by Application of Sustainable Growth Challenge Paradigm”

Shree Ram Acharya – University of Georgia

“Balancing the Social and Business Goals of Policymaking: The Case of 2023 AEWR Increase”

Geetanjali – University of Georgia

“Preferences for Takeaway Food Containers: National Capital Region of India”

Wednesday, January 31st

Aashma Tiwari – University of Georgia

“From Awareness to Action: Influence of Climate Change Perception on Adaptation Choices in Niger”

Kenichi Kuroiwa – University of Georgia

“Responding to Temperature Shocks through Crop Variety: Evidence from Heat-Avoiding and Heat-Tolerant Rice in Japan”

Wednesday, February 21st

Alecia Cassidy – University of Alabama
“Who Benefits from Hazardous Waste Cleanups? Evidence from the Housing Market”

Wednesday, February 28th

Patrick Ward – University of Florida

“Impacts of a digital credit-insurance bundle for landless farmers: Evidence from a cluster randomized trial in Odisha, India”

Wednesday, March 20th

Shanjukta Nath – University of Georgia

“Personalized Policies with Application in Agriculture and Charitable Giving, Network Analysis and Preference Estimation: Short Overview”

Wednesday, March 27th

Robert Gonzalez – Georgia Tech

“Mobile Phone Access and Insurgent Violence: Evidence from a Radio Wave Propagation Model in Afghanistan”

Wednesday, April 17th

Cloé Garnache – Oslo Metropolitan University

“Sticky Asset Prices: Evidence from the Housing Market”

Wednesday, April 24th

Xinde "James" Ji - University of Florida

“Climate Change, Intimate Partner Violence, and the Moderating Effects of Climate Resilience Initiatives”

Weizhe Weng – University of Florida

“Quantifying Co-benefits of Water Quality Policies: An Integrated Assessment Model of Land and Nitrogen Management”