Seminar Series

Seminar Schedule: Fall 2023

UGA Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics AAEC 8010


Unless otherwise stated, all seminars will take place from 4:00pm - 5:00pm., 212 Conner Hall (with remote connections to Tifton, SWD, and Griffin, 210 Stuckey).


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Wednesday, August 23rd

Greg Colson - University of Georgia

"Tips for Graduate Students in Applied Economics".


Wednesday, August 30th

Chiara Binelli - University of Bologna, Italy

"Environmental Actions and Support for Policy: Experimental Evidence from the US"

Wednesday, September 13th

Garrett Stanford - University of Georgia

"Who do the police serve?  Field experiment evidence of police discrimination"

Wednesday, September 20th

Jungkeon Jo - University of Georgia

"Measuring the Effect of Agricultural Supply News Shocks"

Kuhelika Ghosh - University of Georgia

"Managing Energy Usage of Groundwater Irrigation in India"

Hunter Yuan - University of Georgia

"The Impact of China's Dynamic Zero-Covid Strategy on Rural Labor Migration"


Wednesday, October 11th

Laura Zimmermann - University of Georgia
"Political Organizations and Political Scope"

Wednesday, October 18th

Samyam Shrestha - University of Georgia


Swaty Kajaria - University of Georgia

"Let 'Em Grow: Do Florida Coastal Property Owners Value Mangroves?"

Dikshit Poudel - University of Georgia

"Political Instability and Undernourishment: Nepal's Decade-Long Insurgency"

Wednesday, October 25th

Stefano Carattini - Georgia State University

Assistant Professor in Economics in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University.

He is an environmental economist with broader interests in behavioral economics, public economics, and political economy. His research combines policy evaluation, to examine how policies work, with analyses of their political economy, including questions of asset stranding and transition risk. He has also been working on cooperative (pro-social) behavior and the diffusion of green behaviors, practices, and technologies.


Wednesday, November 8th

Xiaoyong Zheng  - North Carolina State University

"Do Consumers Try to Solve the Air Pollution Problem Themselves? The Effects of Air Pollution on Purchase of Hybrid and Electric Cars"


Wednesday, November 15th

Haewon Oh - University of Georgia

"The Effect of Limiting Antidepressant Prescriptions in Non-Psychiatric Clinics on Suicide Thoughts and Attempts in South Korea"

Geetanjali - University of Georgia

"Assessing Economic Value of Reducing Plastic Pollution: A Contingent Valuation Study in the National Capital Region of India"

Sanchita Chakrovorty - University of Georgia