Undergraduate Advising

CAES has a two-tiered advising system.  Our students are assigned to both a professional academic adviser and a faculty mentor when they enter the college.   

Academic Advisor

The academic advisor will inform the student about university and college-level course requirements, the general education core, and requirements for their major. They will assist students with planning their class schedule each semester and help ensure students stay on track with their major so that they graduate on time. Your academic advisor will be Cate Crowe or Whitney Jones.  If your last name begins with the letters A-H for AAEC, AGBU, EEM, majors and ALL HFIM majors, Whitney Jones will be your advisor.  If your last name begins with the letters I-Z for AAEC, AGBU, and EEM majors, Cate Crowe will be your advisor. 

Faculty Mentor

The mentors are faculty members who also teach the classes, advise student clubs, and network with businesses related to their profession in the departments that house the student's majors.  Therefore, faculty and students quickly become familiar with each other and develop a good working relationship.  Students are encouraged to talk to their mentors about their academic concerns, future goals (including careers and/or graduate or professional school), and any other questions the student may have related to their field of study.  CAES believes strongly that every student benefits from having this kind of relationship with a faculty member.  If you do not know who your faculty mentor is, contact your advisor.

When Will I Meet my Advisor?

You will receive an email from your advisor when it is time for advising.  Students are encouraged to visit with their advisors about their academic concerns and future goals.  Advisors can and will assist students with Graduate school as well as career options.