Benefits of Membership

The Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia (AEAG) helps increase awareness of emerging economic issues. Here are several reasons why you should take an active part in the Association:

  • Journal of Agribusiness
  • J.W. Fanning Lecture
  • Interaction with the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department

Each AEAG member receives the Journal of Agribusiness, which provides a forum for presentation of insightful economic ideas for agriculture, agribusiness and related activities. Its major objective is to broaden our understanding of the agribusiness production, processing, fabrication and distribution system.

In addition, AEAG has a strong relationship with the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department at the University of Georgia. Distinguished leaders are brought to campus through the J.W. Fanning Lecture and other activities of the Association. The activities of the Association provide opportunities for interaction among AEAG members, faculty, students and the general public on important economic issues. AEAG supports undergraduate scholarships and other student activities.

Payment of Dues

Membership in the Association is open to people sharing a common interest in agricultural economics, agribusiness and related fields. Membership is by application or invitation by an Association member. Individual membership in the Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia is $25 per year and includes a subscription to the Journal of Agribusiness. Membership rates for students and associates (individuals within three years of graduation) are $10 per year. The membership rate for libraries and other institutions is $35 per year. Corporate membership is $150 per year. Lifetime memberships for Individuals and Corporate Members are $250 and $1000, respectively. Membership information and applications are available from the Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia, 303 Conner Hall, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602.

If you would like to become a member of the Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia, please mail an application along with the appropriate membership amount to the following address:

    Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia 
    303 Conner Hall 
    University of Georgia 
    Athens, Georgia 30602

Click here for membership application.

For more information, call 706-542-0763 or contact Dr. Octavio Ramirez, Department Head of Agricultural and Applied Economics.